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Pastor Ernie and his wife, Suzi, live in Smithville and have six daughters and twenty-one grandchildren. Pastor Cramer started ministering in 1972. He has been a Christian Education Director, Adult Sunday School Teacher, Senior Commander for the Royal Ranger Program and served as a Board Member. He also has served as a Minister to Children for 5 years, Youth Pastor for 12 years, Associate Pastor for Senior’s and Evangelism for 4 years. The Vine Of Life Church began in their home in 2006 with Pastor Cramer and is still growing as he preaches the whole Word of God.


He graduated from an extention of Central Bible College. He was formally licensed in the Assemblies of God for many years and has been licensed with the  Church of God for 11 years. He also has a degree in Computer Science and Business Management.

Pastor Cramer's vision is to bring the whole Word of God to everyone, to love people the way Jesus did, grow a Church with the simplicity of the love of Jesus and be "Helping Hands for a Hurting World."



Vine Of Life Church's vision is to reach the lost at any cost. Help people grow in the knowledge and understanding of God's Word. Also, to learn how to apply it to their lives today in this ever changing world. We know that God never changes and is the same today, yesterday and forever. 

Vine Of Life Church offers Bible Studies, Children's Classes, Youth Classes. We strive to reach out to each other and to the world around to impact the Kingdom of Christ.

Vine Of Life Church first Service was held on Sunday, September 10th, 2006 at Smithville Upper Elementary School, which consisted of 24 people. There was 13 original supporters who started with Pastor Ernie and Suzi Cramer. Sunday and Wednesday evening services were held at Pastor Cramer's home. The church still had the opportunity to hold classes for Toddlers, Christian Education, Royal Rangers and Missionettes and have a nursery.

The church moved to 610 S. Commercial Avenue and held the first service on July 20, 2008. The congregation has now grown to around 70 people. We give God the glory that He has given Vine Of Life Church the opportunity to help support families in Smithville and the surrounding areas. 


In 2019, The Vine of Life Church took a move farther south after God's leading and direction. The church is now moved into 6404 NE 68th Terrace Kansas City, Missouri 64119. Shortly after, we changed the name to Vine of Life Family Church. God has been so good and lead us each step of the way! 

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